April 30, 2024

Ford Explorer

"Tom’s paint and body definitely 5/5 stars. Lisa in the front office, amazing amazing amazing I just love her. I had a canopy fall over my brand new ford explorer and scratched it up, I was devastated. I walked in there and she told me let’s go look at it, not even seconds after looking at it she told me they could probably buff it out and with no charge they took the scratches right out!!! They turned what was an absolute tragedy to me as it’s my brand new car into a positive experience. I’d recommend them 100%! "
April 30, 2024


"Took my car in for a small paint job. Their work was fast and exceptional! Would definitely recommend this place to others. Plus the customer service was amazing. They were friendly and attentive. Great experience overall."
January 17, 2023

"Employees were great and kept me informed on any additional work needed after my car was taken apart for examination. Took about 5 weeks to get my car back which is not too bad considering how long other repair shops take to get you your vehicle back. There was a slight mix up with my car being “ready” when it actually wasn’t however, it just so happened to be the EXACT same car as mine, color and everything so it was an honest mixup which I totally understood. The staff was very sympathetic and apologized for any inconvenience which was appreciated. Overall a good experience for my first time having my car in a shop!"
December 8, 2022

"Got my car fixed and looking brand new and everyone was very kind highly recommend!!"
November 14, 2022

"Good job just took long to get part."