The vehicles in your company’s fleet are a representation of your brand on the road. Making sure they’re maintained to the fullest can help boost your company’s image and credibility. If any of your fleet vehicles have dents, scratches, cosmetic defects or anything else that renders them below acceptable, come to Tom’s Body and Paint, Inc. for fleet repair in Visalia, Farmersville, and San Joaquin Valley, CA!

Our experienced technicians understand the rigors that fleet vehicles face, which means we have the expertise to deal with problems that can arise in these constantly overworked vehicles. From alignment and suspension issues to electrical and mechanical troubles, we’re ready to deliver quality services to the vehicles in your fleet.


Fleet Repair

Fleet Maintenance Services

Looking to partner with a reputable company that can serve as your go-to source for complete fleet maintenance? Tom’s Body and Paint, Inc. is ready to forge a partnership with you! We serve numerous companies with local and national presences, keeping their fleets in check and functioning at their highest levels.

We deliver the full gamut of fleet maintenance in Visalia, CA, from oil changes and filter checks, to brakes, tires, alignments and more. And we do more than just deliver general service—we get to know your vehicles and the stresses they’re put under, to better deliver maintenance that’s lasting. We’ll make service recommendations and provide expert oversight where applicable, to help keep your fleet in tip-top shape for as long as possible.


Partner with Us

Whether you’ve got a fleet of busses or your company is backed by a couple of branded trucks, Tom’s Body and Paint, Inc. is here to help ensure your vehicles are roadworthy. Contact us today by calling 559-732-3914 to learn more about our fleet repair capabilities or to inquire about how we can help you manage your fleet. And don’t forget about our other services, which include utility vehicle and RV repair.