The Best Options for Towing a Vehicle

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If you know someone who needs their vehicle towed, you can tow it yourself to save money on towing services. Below are the top four ways to safely tow your vehicle to a shop yourself.

Towing a Car With Another Vehicle

First, know your vehicle’s towing rating and make sure there’s a tow hitch. Usually, SUVs and trucks have higher tow ratings than passenger vehicles. Then, follow these towing practices when towing a car with another vehicle:

  • The towing vehicle must be larger and heavier than the car it’s towing.
  • No one can be inside the vehicle being towed. It’s a law and a safety hazard. 
  • The towed vehicle’s car should be turned on, so the steering doesn’t lock up.

How To Tow a Car With a Dolly

Using a dolly lightens the load while your vehicle safely carries the weight of the other vehicle’s front wheels. With only the rear wheels contacting the road, there’s less weight and strain on your vehicle. If you’re towing a FWD or RWD vehicle a long distance with a dolly, the tow vehicle should weigh at least 750 pounds more than the car it’s towing. Do not exceed the max capacity of the dolly. 

Follow these steps when towing a car with a dolly:

  • Connect the dolly to the tow vehicle’s hitch ball.
  • Tighten the dolly’s safety chains for added safety.
  • Get the tow car onto the dolly ramps until the wheels are in contact with the stops.
  • Make sure the vehicle is secure by using the straps that are provided.
  • If you’re towing a RWD or FWD vehicle, disconnect the driveshaft to protect the transmission.

Towing a Car With a Trailer

This is the fastest and safest method of towing, but the increased weight can be too much for some vehicles. The tow rating must equal or be more than the combined weight of the tow vehicle and trailer. Then, follow these steps:

  • Connect the trailer to your vehicle’s trailer hitch.
  • Secure the safety trains on the trailer of the vehicle you’re towing.
  • Get the vehicle onto the trailer ramps until the front tires touch the stops.
  • Put the vehicle in “park” and activate its parking brakes.
  • Use the tie-downs to secure the vehicle to the trailer.

How To Tow a Vehicle With a Tow Strap

Tow straps are made for towing vehicles, but there are things to consider when using a tow strap:

  • Do not use them for long distances.
  • Make sure the steering wheel is unlocked.
  • Make sure there’s no one in the vehicle getting towed.

Attach the tow strap to both vehicles, and give it a couple of tugs to ensure it’s secure. Do not attach it to any other parts of the vehicle since it can cause damage. Once in place, find the rear hitch and secure it in place.

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