How Insurance Adjusters Determine the Total Amount of Damage to Your Vehicle After an Accident

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When it comes to filing an insurance claim, it can be difficult to determine if you are getting enough back or if something needs to be contested. Knowing how to insurance companies determine damages can help you get a better idea about the entire process. A few steps have to be followed, and we want to help you better understand them.

How to Insurance Companies Determine Damage After an Accident?

The first step of the claims process is to take a look at the accident itself. This is to determine the overall fault for the accident and to ensure that the right insurance company is paying the claim. The next step is to assess the car and see what the repair shop says about the damage. They will look at the damage, see how much it is to fix it, and will then submit the claim to the insurance company.

The insurance company will then send out someone called an adjuster. The insurance claims adjuster’s process is fairly simple. They will come and look at the vehicle and see if they agree with the estimate from the repair shop or if some of the damage is contested. They will also look at the value of the vehicle. If the cost of the damages and repairs is greater than the value of the vehicle, they will state that the vehicle is totaled and will then write the owner a check for the value of the vehicle.

This process is to ensure that someone is not trying to pass off more damage in the claim than what actually happened. The insurance company is going to do all that it can to ensure that the claim is valid, that there is no damage that is claimed that was not caused by the accident, and that the claim is justified.

When To Contest a Claim? 

You do not need to contest a claim simply because you are unhappy with the amount of money you are getting. If you are dealing with a claim that you feel was not done properly, you can always contest it and have the adjuster show you the entire process to ensure it was all done correctly. Odds are you will not get a ton of money for your vehicle, or you will be super happy with the overall process.

If your vehicle is not totaled, the check will go to the repair shop to pay for the damages in many cases. The overall insurance process can be tricky. Knowing a bit about the process can help you feel better about the insurance claim process as a whole.



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