Most Difficult Windshields To Replace

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Glass installation is a unique brand of work, and the reason it’s so special is the job complexity. It’s a difficult task by itself, but some jobs are more complex than others. Here’s some information about the most challenging glass installations and why they are so difficult.

What Makes a Glass Job Hard?

Many different factors can make a glass job harder than it should be. For one, the car in question could have a dead windshield motor, making it much more challenging to get the glass out. Glass installations can be two or three times more labor-intensive because of problems like that or alternative issues. A technician can also have difficulty because they aren’t familiar with the makeup of a particular car. That could cause the person to have to reference manuals or outside sources to gather additional information. 

Which Glass Jobs Do Experts Say Are Hardest?

Some glass experts voted on which windshield replacement jobs were most challenging. These are the ones that received the highest rankings for their level of difficulty:

1982 Fiat Strada

One vehicle that received a problematic rating was the 1982 Fiat Strada. The car’s intricate design caused technicians to spend a lot of time on labor. Most of the problem with the Strada is that technicians don’t see it daily. That automatically makes it a more complex vehicle to service, and it usually requires the technician working on it to call for help or backup. 

Another vehicle that took a long time for window replacement is the 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis. The experts say it takes almost nine hours to get this window replaced. The vehicle’s large size is one factor that makes the job more challenging, though there are other reasons it’s a difficult job.  

2010 Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes-Benz lineup has a few vehicles in it that technicians vote as the most difficult to change the windshield in. Those vehicles included the SL500, SL600, SL65, and SL63 models. Some technicians needed help because of the Mercedes styling. Anytime a foreign car is involved, the technician should have special training in that particular brand. If not, they risk needing help to complete a task or repair. Such is the case with the windshield replacement for this model. 

2010 Land Rover

Finally, the 2010 Land Rover got some votes for its complex installation. Technicians said that the vehicle takes about 7.7 hours to complete when replacing a windshield. One technician was quite surprised that people rated any other car higher than the Land Rover for tough installations. This individual said the Land Rover is the vehicle technicians call about the most when they need immediate assistance. 

Those are a few of the toughest windshields to install. If you’re a customer with any of these cars, you should be aware that they are difficult auto glass to install and prepare to pay a higher than normal price for the installation. 

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