Automotive Glass Innovations as of 2022

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Are you wondering whats new in automotive glass? We are glad you asked! Often overlooked until there is a stone chip or crack, automotive glass undergoes continual change. Yet, windows are getting bigger, blind spots are getting smaller, and auto glass continues to get better nearly every year.

Windshields are important for enabling good vision. So are the rear and side windows. If you have a moonroof or sunroof on your vehicle, that is yet another piece of glass that goes with it. You could be surrounded by glass virtually everywhere except underneath.

All of that auto glass raises the question regarding what’s new in auto glass. Let us take a closer look while answering that question.

Auto Glass Is Getting Stronger

Windshields used to be flat, easy to break, and caused a lot of drag. Over time, those windshields and other auto windows have become harder to break and virtually shatterproof.

Newer manufacturing processes and better designs are making auto glass much stronger than it ever has been. Gorilla Glass in particular is a brand of auto glass that is finding extensive use in some of the world’s most popular vehicles.

The Ford F-150, Jeep Wranglers, and many Porsche models use Gorilla Glass in their vehicles. Gorilla Glass is much thinner and stronger than more conventional auto glass. The greater strength and lighter glass make the passenger cabin more rigid and the vehicle better capable of protecting passengers during accidents – especially rollovers.

Auto Glass Is Getting Bigger

Auto industry statistics show current vehicles are equipped with an average of 50 square feet of glass. That is about twice as much glass as vehicles built three decades ago.

Windshields in particular have gotten much larger to enable greater visibility and better aerodynamics. Side and rear windows also are larger, which helps to greatly reduce your blind spots while driving.

Panoramic moonroofs and sunroofs are examples of other types of auto glass that are getting much bigger. Older models generally have one that takes up a small portion of the roof and usually over the front seats. Newer models have

Is There Smart Glass for Auto Use?

Yes. Auto glass options now include smart glass, which includes embedded technology. The current use of smart glass mostly is reserved for costly luxury vehicles. It could expand to more affordable models soon.

Thanks to image projection, the technology supports heads-up displays that show the vehicle speed, RPM, and similar data while looking through the window. Heads-up displays eliminate the need to take your eyes off the road so that you can read the gauges. Smart glass also might include adjustable light-blocking features for sunroofs and moonroofs.

The many great advances in auto glass technology continue to make vehicles safer and more comfortable for drivers and their passengers.





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