RV Upkeep You May Not Be Doing

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Are you wondering how to maintain an RV? While RVs and campers can be a lot of fun, they often require proper maintenance just like any other car, motorcycle, or truck. However, RVs can have a few additional service requirements even though maintenance may be similar to other automobiles. Continue reading to find out what maintenance is often neglected on RVs and the damage that can occur if it continues to be neglected.

RV Maintenance 

RVs tend to sit idle for a very long time, longer than other motor vehicles. Just like with idle, low-mileage cars, sitting for a while can actually cause damage to various RV components. Whether you own a motorhome or camper van, you should always run a test drive on a frequent basis. If that is not possible, you should make sure to store it properly.

However, you should maintain your RV beyond just the basic things. RVs have amenities and features that are only found on these vehicles. They feature kitchen appliances, electrical sockets, water tanks, and many more. All of these things require certain service needs. If this may sound overwhelming, you should know that these tasks don’t need to be taken care of all at once.

Remember to run your onboard generator in your RV if you have one each month to prevent the gas from going bad. You will also need to make sure that you keep your AC unit cleaned and emptied. Keep in mind that RV batteries don’t work the same way as car batteries. You must make sure that you refill them with clean distilled water frequently. If you use propane-based heating or cooking equipment, refill the tanks as needed.

If you are looking to avoid generator maintenance, you should probably invest in solar panels. Even though they are easier on the environment, they require their own service requirements. This involves keeping them clean, keeping their fasteners tight, and always checking the wire connections.

Furthermore, you need to remember to empty the gray and black water tanks often if you use your RV frequently. These tanks should also be deep cleaned.

Dedicated Mechanics for RVs

When it comes to maintenance for an RV, you should know that many issues can be fixed at home. One of the most common issues that you may come across is dealing with damaged or old seals, especially on the roof. However, there is an RV roof sealant that you can purchase and apply once a year. However, if you are looking to prevent some of this damage, you should consider keeping your RV covered when you are not using it.

As always, if there is something that you don’t feel comfortable doing on your own, you should probably consult a professional. There are dedicated RV mechanics, just like there are for both cars and motorcycles. To prevent damage, maintain it, and take care of it when you are not using it.

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