Paintless Dent Repair Basics

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Denting your car’s bodywork is pretty much unavoidable. When your car gets a dent, you should consider fixing it with paintless body repair (PDR). This procedure can get rid of nearly 90% of the dents on your car, and it’s the best way to fix minor dents. You don’t need to use body filler or repaint your car if you go for PDR. Moreover, PDR is a fraction of the cost of traditional dent repair, and it takes less time. You can have your car dent-free in less than a day.

What Dent Shapes Can Be Repaired With PDR?

Each dent is unique in its own way since no two objects or vehicles could dent your car in the same way. You should know that shape of the dent on your vehicle will influence whether it can be repaired with PDR or not. To see if you can do dent repair on your vehicle with PDR, you need to access its complexity. A more complex dent means a more challenging repair. You can access the dent complexity on your car by checking;

  • The creasing in the dent

If the dent has a crease, it might not be possible to fix it with PDR. This is because creases make it challenging to restore the vehicle’s body panel to its regular shape. However, many PDR technicians have picks, hammers, and other specialty tools to make it easy to repair dents with minor creases.

  • Depth of the dent

How deep the dent is will impact whether it’s possible to repair it with PDR. Shallow dents are easy to fix with PDR, while deep dents are tricky to repair. Additionally, deep dents often compromise the integrity of the car’s body panel, which means the body panel is less likely to return to its original shape. Deep dents can also lead to the cracking of the automotive paint on the body panel; thus, your car will have to be repainted. Whether the automotive paint on the dented body panel cracks or not depends on the paint’s elastic limit. Different car manufacturers use paints with different elastic limits on their vehicles.

Common Causes of Minor Dents That Can Be Fixed With Paintless Dent Repair

  • Hitting the garage door while getting your car into or out of the garage at a low speed
  • Hitting another vehicle while parking your while or getting out of the parking space at a low speed
  • Hailstones falling on your car during a hailstorm
  • Baseballs, soccer balls, basketballs, and golf balls hitting your vehicle
  • Colliding with another car at slow speeds like during a traffic jam

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