What Are the Most Expensive Auto Paint Jobs?

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If you thought all automotive paint is the same, think again. There are high-end car paint jobs that can cost a small fortune—but to the dedicated car owner, that price is worth it.

Here are the most expensive paint options currently out there for those who are willing to pay big bucks.

Cadillac Black Diamond Tricoat

This $1,500 paint job available on the Cadillac CTS-V is designed to diffract light just like a diamond. It’s composed of a metallic, black base coat and a clear topcoat with SpectraFlair pigment. Aluminum flakes in the pigment give the vehicle a diamond-like shine.

Range Rover ChromaFlair

Like the Cadillac SpectraFlair pigment, Range Rover offers a ChromaFlair finish that refracts light and makes the car look like it’s changing color as it drives down the road. This psychedelic finish sets drivers back almost $20,000.

Mercedes-Benz Alubeam

If you have an extra $17,000 to spend on auto paint for your Mercedes, consider going with the Alubeam finish. This car paint job takes weeks to complete because it’s composed of seven different layers of paint. Once painting is complete, the car looks like polished bare metal.

BMW Frozen M3s

BMW used to offer a limited-edition M3 in frozen gray or black. This matte finish added $20,500 to the cost of the vehicle, but it was extremely popular. While the paint offered a stunning appearance, it was a delicate finish that was prone to scratching.

Bugatti Veyron Custom

If you’re already spending $2 million on a car, what’s an extra $15,500 to give it a custom paint job? Bugatti Veyron buyers can opt to customize their vehicle’s paint job with a two-tone exterior, custom body outlines or even specialized finishes. This whole process takes about three months to complete.

Benefits of repainting your car

Even if you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on automotive paint, you should still consider having your car repainted if it’s in poor conditions. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Appearance restoration: First off, new paint restores your car to like-new condition. Just make sure you hire a reputable auto painting company to tackle the job.
  • Reduced maintenance: A freshly-painted car doesn’t need to go to the car wash as frequently because dirt and debris don’t stick on the body as easily. Plus, new paint is more difficult to scratch, so you won’t have to spend time trying to buff out flaws.
  • Rust prevention: The steel underneath auto paint is prone to rusting over time if it’s exposed to the elements. The only way to stop rust from eating away at exposed metal is to have the car repainted by a pro.

Let us handle your paint job

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