Reasons to Fix Car Dents Right Away

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Whether it’s from hail damage or a collision, car dents happen all the time. Even if they seem insignificant or are hardly noticeable, you’ll need to fix those car dents right away.

Here are a few reasons to see a pro for dented car repair as soon as you notice any flaws:

  • Your safety: Driver and passenger safety should always be your top priority. Even small dents and dings can cause underlying structural issues that put your safety in jeopardy. If you’ve been involved in a minor fender bender that caused a dent, we recommend bringing your car to an auto shop. They’ll fix the dent right away and ensure the metal is still structurally sound.
  • Rust problems: Car dents are ugly enough as it is, but the real issue with dents comes when the paint is damaged. When the protective paint is gone and the underlying metal is exposed to the elements, the metal is bound to get rusty. That rust will only get worse over time, eating away at the metal until you have an actual hole in your car! Repairing dents as soon as you can is the only way to prevent rust.
  • Long-term paint damage: A problem with car paint is that once one area starts to chip, the surrounding areas follow. Soon enough, a large portion of your vehicle could be without paint. Not only is that a horrible look for a car, but it only increases the possibility of rust accumulation.
  • Reduced resale value: If you’re thinking about selling your car anytime soon, be sure to get those dents fixed ASAP. Even if the car runs perfectly well, potential buyers are less likely to make a purchase if the exterior is riddled with dings and dents. The sale only gets harder if the dented areas are starting to rust or if the paint is flaking away.
  • Cheaper to repair: Like many car problems, dented car repair gets more expensive as time goes on. This is because there’s bound to be more paint damage or even rust buildup if you continue to drive with a dent in your car. To save yourself a bundle of cash, bring your vehicle in for repairs as soon as you notice them.

Can you fix car dents yourself?

DIY-ers and car enthusiasts are often tempted to make repairs by themselves instead of bringing their vehicles to the professional. While changing the oil or making minor tune-ups can be DIY tasks, fixing car dents should always be left to the pros.

Most car owners aren’t experienced enough to fully repair the dent. Instead, they’ll just make a cosmetic fix and consider it good enough, but, as we mentioned, those small dents can compromise your vehicle’s structural integrity.

To ensure your car is in the best possible shape, be sure to bring it to Tom’s Body and Paint, Inc. We specialize in dented car repair, and we even offer full paint jobs to return your car to like-new condition. Reach out to us today to get a free estimate for our repair services.

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