The Fall Car Care Checklist

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Did you know that October is designated as Fall Car Care Month by the Car Care Council? October is a great time to get ahead on car maintenance, right before the weather gets cold and snow starts to fall. Follow these six fall car care tips to get your vehicle ready for the upcoming winter.

Check the fluids

Making sure your vehicle has enough of its essential fluids is one of the most important tips for fall car care. Your vehicle needs fluids to run, particularly oil, antifreeze, power steering fluid, brake fluid and transmission fluid. Top off any fluids that are running low, and reach out to your local service station for an oil change.

Inspect hoses and belts

The intense summer heat can damage the hoses and belts your vehicle needs to keep running smoothly. Have a car care technician check all hoses and belts for leaks and perform any tightening if necessary. It’s good to have a professional take a look at these components, since they can easily detect signs of excessive wear and brittleness and swap out damaged belts to keep your car in safe, drivable condition.

Change the battery if necessary

The winter weather can suck the energy right out of a car battery. Don’t get left stranded in the cold, and make sure your battery is in good condition before winter hits. There are many reasons why your battery might be damaged, particularly exposure to excessive heat during summer. Replace a battery that’s not charging and discharging correctly, and ensure all connections are clean and corrosion free.

Get a brake inspection

Drivers rely on their brakes much more during winter, which is why getting a brake inspection is one of the essential fall car care tips. Visit your trusted auto repair specialists for a full brake inspection, including checks of brake linings, rotors and drums. This can be done during your regular oil change, killing two birds with one stone.

Check the tires

You need reliable tires to navigate the slippery roadways that can occur during the winter. Make sure every tire has enough tread to maintain good traction, and check the tire pressure regularly as the temperature starts to drop. If you notice any signs of uneven wear or bald spots, it’s probably time to invest in wheel alignment services from your local auto repair shop.

Inspect the HVAC system

While you probably won’t be running the air conditioning too much throughout the fall and winter months, you’ll likely need to run the heater. Not only is heat essential for the comfort of all occupants of your vehicle, but it’s also necessary for defrosting windows and keeping them clear during cold weather.

Follow this list of tips for fall car care to get your vehicle ready for the cold winter weather. Unless you’re a professional mechanic, it’s always best to visit a reputable auto service technician, like the team at Tom’s Body and Paint, Inc., to make all the important checks and inspections that ensure your car stays safe on the road through the winter and beyond.

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