Whose Auto Insurance Provider Will Pay for Car Accident Repairs?

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The time immediately following a car accident can be scary and stressful, and that’s even before you start thinking about what’s going to happen to your vehicle and how you’re going to pay for it.

Eventually, though, you do need to consider how you’re going to repair or replace your car. This means navigating all the issues related to car insurance and accident repairs in Visalia, CA. You don’t technically need to make a claim to an insurance provider when you’re involved in an accident—you can arrange payment with the other driver, or pay out of pocket. But in most cases, it’s much more financially advantageous to seek coverage either through your insurance policy or that of the other driver involved, especially if there was significant damage to your vehicle.

But whose insurance provider will cover the cost of car accident repairs? This depends on the circumstances surrounding the accident. Let’s take a look.

Determining who pays

There are some circumstances in which each person’s insurance provider will cover their own repairs. However, if one driver was found to be at fault for the accident, it is likely their insurance provider will be required to cover the costs for both drivers, unless there are applicable exceptions to the case.

All drivers are required by law to have auto insurance coverage with a minimum amount of property damage liability insurance. Assuming the driver has that coverage, their insurance policy will be able to cover the damage to your vehicle.

However, proving fault can be a challenge. You will need to begin the process by making a claim, and if you do not have proof the other driver was at fault due to their negligence behind the wheel, their insurer could easily deny the claim and place responsibility on you to get the repairs covered.

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, you may need to work with an attorney to be able to prove liability on the part of the driver and get the case settled appropriately. Evidence that can help you could include eyewitness testimony from people who saw the accident, copies of police reports that contain the facts of the case, and photos and videos from the scene of the accident that clearly depict who was at fault.

If you run into a situation in which the driver’s policy will not fully cover your costs, you’ll then need to work with your insurance provider instead. Your collision coverage should cover the repairs, minus your deductible. In this situation, you still have the option to go after the other driver to cover your deductible and any other out-of-pocket expenses you incurred as a result of their inability to cover the costs. But if they do not have the personal funds to pay you back, it could be difficult to get that money.

Navigating the insurance process after an accident can be complicated. For more information about how to proceed with your claim and the kinds of car accident repairs you can get covered after a collision in Visalia, CA, contact Tom’s Body & Paint, Inc. today.

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