Is It Time to Set Up a Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Plan?

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Many businesses rely on a fleet of vehicles to transport goods, provide mobile services, move supplies and more. That means your business has to have vehicles that are ready to get the job done at any time. When one of your vehicles breaks down or isn’t performing well, your business suffers.

That’s why setting up a plan for fleet maintenance in Visalia, CA is a best practice. When you have a team of qualified auto mechanics on your side, you can rest easy knowing that your business will always be ready to go. Let’s go over the basics of devising a vehicle maintenance plan that will serve your needs.

Keep complete records

Start by collecting all the available service records for your fleet. Bring these to a local mechanic so they will have a sound idea of the status of each vehicle. This way the mechanic can spot any recurring problems and address any upcoming maintenance issues, from replacing transmission fluid to patching up oil leaks.

Draft a plan

Once you’ve taken care of any obvious issues, speak with the mechanic about coming up with a scheduled maintenance plan for your fleet vehicles. A professional mechanic will be able to make suggestions about each vehicle that takes into account its mileage and prior history.

Addressing issues before they happen is key to keeping your fleet in the best condition possible and your business running smoothly. You want oil changes, transmission service, tune-ups and fluid flushes to happen like clockwork. Doing so means you’ll have a proactive maintenance program rather than a reactive maintenance program. Include all of the following in your plan:

  • Recordkeeping procedures, whether by hand or digital
  • Procedures for drivers to report problems
  • List of internal checkups to be performed regularly
  • Checklist for all preventative maintenance tasks
  • Review with trained auto mechanic

Monitor the costs

The fact is that over the lifetime of your vehicles, enacting a maintenance plan should be cost effective for your business. One way it does so is by ensuring any minor problems don’t become major ones that require extensive repairs. It also means that your vehicles stay on the road, leading to fewer business interruptions and ensuring happy and satisfied customers.

If you need to put a fleet vehicle maintenance plan in place in Visalia, CA, choose Tom’s Body and Paint, Inc. We’re a full-service auto body repair shop offering body and collision repair on all makes and models of vehicles. We also offer auto paint services and 24-hour towing for your fleet vehicles.

Our team of professional mechanics provides auto body repair, collision repair, towing services, vehicle recovery, roadside assistance, RV repair, fleet repair, utility vehicle repair and more! As an I-Car Gold Level Shop, we have I-Car trained auto body specialists on hand. Call or come in today to learn more about our fleet maintenance services. We’d be glad to work with you to ensure your vehicles are able to reliably serve your company and your clients years into the future.

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