Why Is Putting Grocery Bags on Your Car a Bad Idea?

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So, you’ve just gotten out of the grocery store after finding everything on your list. Instead of placing the plastic grocery bags on the dirty ground, you opt to place them safely on the roof of your car. Even though that’s the sanitary option, you could’ve just damaged your car’s paint job! Continue reading to learn more about how grocery bags scratch cars in Visalia, CA.

Groceries can scratch the clear coat

The reason experts say we should avoid placing plastic grocery bags on our cars is that they may scratch the clear coat. The clear coat is the top layer of paint on your car and is designed to protect the bottom two layers—the base coat and the primer—from scratches.

When people ask us, “Do grocery bags scratch cars in Visalia, CA?” we say yes. Even though the plastic and the groceries inside the bag may seem harmless, they can cause tiny scratches. Scratches from plastic bags may start small, but they can get longer and deeper the longer they go untreated.

Damage to the bottom layers is devastating

When the clear coat gets scratched by the heavy groceries in the plastic bag, the primer and base coat are vulnerable to damage. An exposed base coat or primer leads to nasty vehicle rust, which may eventually turn into a hole.

How to avoid clear coat scratches

The good news is that protecting your car from scratches is an easy DIY job. Follow these steps to keep your paint in the best possible condition:

  • Wax: The best way to prevent grocery bags scratching your car in Visalia, CA is to wax your vehicle once every few months. Car wax acts as a protective barrier, protecting against all sorts of minor clear coat scratches. In addition to preventing scratches and chips, the wax will make your car shine like it’s brand new.
  • Hand wash: Running your vehicle through an automatic car wash is the easiest way to get your car clean—all you have to do is sit back and relax! But professionals say those automatic car washes can sometimes do more harm than good. Instead of cleaning your car, the brushes can actually rub dirt into the paint, resulting in minor scratches.
  • Fix small chips: As soon as you notice a small scratch or chip in your paint, fix it. You can repair minor imperfections using primer, a little bit of touch-up paint and some car polish. Be sure to act quickly, though, as these chips only get worse as time goes on.

Got scratched paint? Come see our team!

Vehicle scratches are still common because the answer to whether grocery bags scratch car paint in Visalia, CA is yes. If you notice a scratch and can’t fix it yourself, bring your vehicle to our team at Tom’s Body & Paint, Inc. We’re experts in repairing scratches both big and small, and we’ll work with your insurance company to ensure you don’t pay a fortune. Contact us today to get a free quote or to learn more about our services.

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