What’s the Best Way to Avoid Damage from Rocks on the Freeway?

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When driving on the freeway, there are a lot of potential risks for drivers—including the risk of damage from flying rocks. Thankfully, it’s possible to avoid rocks on the freeway in Visalia, CA by following some simple tips. Make sure your car is protected and find out what to do if your windshield gets cracked by reading below for some helpful tips, tricks and advice.

How to avoid rocks on the freeway

There are a lot of things drivers can do to avoid having their vehicles experience damage from rocks while driving. Here are some of the best ways to avoid damage on the freeway from rocks in Visalia, CA:

  • Leave plenty of distance between yourself and other cars: One of the best ways to avoid damage on the freeway from rocks in Visalia, CA is to leave plenty of distance between yourself and other vehicles. The more space there is between you and other motorists, the safer you will be and the less likely it is that your windshield will become chipped or cracked due to flying rocks.
  • Avoid construction: Many instances of windshield damage happen as vehicles pass through construction areas. While some construction zones are unavoidable, the best way to avoid damage on the freeway from rocks in Visalia, CA is to avoid construction zones as much as possible. Plan your route around construction zones to minimize the risk of experiencing damage in areas where road work is going on.
  • Watch out for large vehicles: Large vehicles often fling gravel and rocks at the windshields of passing cars, causing chips and damage. Damage is especially likely from large vehicles with missing or damaged flaps that are ineffective at blocking flying debris from tires. Avoid driving behind large vehicles on the freeway by passing them when you can do so. If you’re stuck behind a larger vehicle, put as much space as possible between it your car.
  • Avoid abrupt windshield thawing: Most drivers have had to deal with a frozen windshield when they are in a rush to get out the door in the morning. In those situations, many vehicle owners attempt to thaw their windshields abruptly by pouring hot liquids onto the windshield. Unfortunately, hot liquids can crack windshields and cause extensive damage that’s costly to repair, as well as increase their susceptibility to breakage during encounters with flying rocks. Instead, use a scraper to scrape the ice off the windshield and give your car’s defroster a few extra minutes to warm up before driving away in the morning. While these thawing methods take longer, they are also much safer for the windshield.

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