What Is the Hardest Part of an Auto Body to Repair?

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If your vehicle suffers body damage, you will probably need a professional to make the necessary repairs. Even the most minor damage may require specialized tools and knowledge to restore your vehicle to its former condition. However, there are some repairs that are more difficult than others. Following is an overview of the most common projects, from the easiest to the most difficult auto body parts to repair in Visalia, CA.

Dent repairs

From tiny imperfections to baseball-size indentations, these dents are repaired using a process called paintless dent removal. This procedure involves pushing the body back into place, slowly and carefully reshaping the material to remove the dent. It doesn’t require any sanding, filling or painting. The trained technician pushes the body back into place, without damaging the paint job, to make your vehicle look like new again.


In some cases, the damage to the vehicle is so extensive that a new paint job is required. Obviously, this is more involved than simple dent repair. The new paint is applied to cover scratches, chips, rust and other imperfections. This is not the most difficult aspect of auto body repair in Visalia, CA, but it does require several careful steps:

  • Sanding: The technician sands the surface down to the metal and cleans the material.
  • Primer removal: Any cured primer is sanded down, and the technician cleans this surface.
  • Painting: The technician applies several layers of paint, using a paint sprayer.
  • Drying: The paint must dry for up to seven days.
  • Clearcoating: Once the paint is dry, the technician applies clearcoat to add a high-gloss finish.
  • Polishing: After the clearcoat is applied, the technician polishes and buffs the exterior for a like-new appearance.

Window repairs

These glass repairs or replacement are at roughly the same difficulty level as a paint job, depending on the extent of the repairs. The technician may need to repair a tiny crack, or an entire windshield may need to be replaced. Typically, glass specialists are called upon to make these repairs or replacements.

Frame straightening

This is one of the most difficult auto body repairs in Visalia, CA. After an accident, it is common for a vehicle to have suffered damage to the frame. For proper functioning and safety, the frame must be tested and straightened by a trained technician. To make this repair, the technician will inspect the vehicle visually and, if any damage is found, will place the vehicle on a frame alignment machine. This machine will straighten the frame, restoring it to factory specifications.

However, it is possible that the body or frame has suffered so much damage that auto body replacement in Visalia, CA will be recommended.

We handle hard repairs

At Tom’s Body and Paint, Inc., our experts aren’t intimidated by the most difficult auto body parts to repair in Visalia, CA. Since 1979, we’ve been the area’s go-to source for body and collision repair on all makes and models of vehicles. We have the largest paint booth in town, so there is no vehicle that is too big for us to work on. Call or come in today—we work with all insurance companies and will have your car looking like new in no time.

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