Does Scratch-Proof Auto Paint Exist?

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Anyone who experiences scratches and dings from grocery carts or other car doors likely has asked, “Is there any paint out there that is scratch proof?” at least once. In a way, it does exist. Many high-end car models benefit from self-healing paint as a standard feature—however, it is still not common, and it is not technically scratch-proof paint. Nevertheless, there are options until that development becomes more widespread in Visalia, CA and beyond. Here are your options for handling auto paint scratches.

Self-healing paint

Truly scratch-proof paint is a development for the future, but the American boutique manufacturer Panoz has invented something similar. Known for hand-built cars that exceed performance expectations for committed auto enthusiasts, Panoz created “self-healing” paint.

Self-healing paint works by blending in scratches and other light blemishes as it is exposed to heat. Basically, you can notice a scratch after one shopping trip, leave your car in the sun for the next one, and return to find the scratch nearly gone. It is a result of Panoz partnering with Feynlab, which created ceramic coatings that protect auto paint. The result is a paint that can incur a scratch but also allow it to correct.

This paint is standard on Panoz models, but if you would like to add it to your own vehicle, the price starts at $2,500. If you balk at this price, just remember that Panoz models start at $159,900!

Removing scratches

It is completely understandable if you do not want to drop $2,500 for an upgraded paint job on your minivan or liquidate your 401(k) to purchase a Panoz. Fortunately, there are methods that can help you make scratches at least a little less noticeable.

There are scratch removal kits for the less serious scratches. They will require you to clean the surface, sand it and then apply the solution. Once done, you can buff out the scratch and make it an annoyance of the past.

For deeper scratches, it is possible to remove them at home, but it will be much more work. You will need sandpaper, a polishing pad, microfiber towel, masking tape, paper and car wax.

Start by sanding with 2,000 grit sandpaper until you reach the metal panel. Always go in the direction of the scratch. Next, it is time to apply primer and paint to the sanded area. Before you do this, use the paper and masking tape to contain the paint and primer to the scratches and not spread it to the undamaged parts of your car. Once done, polish the area to match the rest of your car.

However, you likely lack the skills or patience to complete this work. If that is the case, there is no shame in consulting an auto body and paint specialist to restore your car’s surface to like-new condition.

You may not have access to scratch-proof paint, but you can rely on Tom’s Body & Paint, Inc. in Visalia, CA for all your auto body repair needs. Contact us today if that scratch or ding is too much or if you require repairs after an accident.

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