Everything You Need to Know About Internal Damage from a Collision

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A driver’s first thought after getting in an accident probably isn’t, “Can fender benders cause damage to your car in Visalia, CA?” However, it should be near the top of the list of things to consider. Even the smallest collisions can cause surprisingly significant damage to vehicles, some of which may even go unnoticed. This post will cover common internal damage after car crashes:

  • Frame damage: A bent frame after a collision makes a vehicle less structurally sound, decreases the car’s ability to absorb impact and can prohibit airbag deployment. The scary part is that frame damage isn’t noticeable on the outside. The only way to detect frame damage after a fender bender is to bring the vehicle to a pro for an evaluation.
  • Electrical issues: Damage to the paneling during a crash can harm the delicate wiring right underneath the exterior. After a collision, electrical systems like power windows, security alarms and even the radio can be messed up. An auto body repair shop can set any wiring problems straight when you bring your car in for repairs.
  • Fluid leakage: A pool of liquid under your vehicle is a sign that you have internal damage from fender benders in Visalia, CA. Brake fluid, coolant, oil or other essential fluid lines could get ruptured in a collision, meaning the liquids will leak all over the place. Regardless of the fluid, you’ll need to have the leak repaired as soon as possible.
  • Transmission and suspension damage: Even the smallest fender benders can harm a vehicle’s suspension or transmission. Any damage to the transmission or suspension results in a jerky or bumpy ride, which definitely isn’t ideal. Be sure to address any transmission problems promptly, as waiting around could lead to costly repairs if the issue isn’t resolved right away.

What to look for in an auto body repair shop

Bringing your car to the wrong team after you’ve been in an accident can do more harm than good. Here are a few qualities that all reputable body shops have in common:

  • Experienced mechanics: As you can see, internal damage from fender benders in Visalia, CA comes in all different forms. It’s crucial that your mechanic knows what to look for in terms of damage and how to correct it. Look for an auto shop that only employs trained and certified mechanics to work on your car.
  • Timely service: As we alluded to above, timing is everything when it comes to making repairs after a collision. Waiting around to make repairs puts your safety in jeopardy and can result in further damage. Always choose a shop that can fix your car in a matter of days, not weeks.
  • Fair prices: You don’t want to overpay to have your car repaired. You also don’t want to underpay, as that typically means you’re getting shoddy work. Shop around and choose a mechanic that charges reasonable rates for his service.

So, “Can fender benders cause damage to your car in Visalia, CA?” The answer is a resounding “yes”! Luckily, our pros at Tom’s Body & Paint, Inc. are here to fix any damage that occurs to your vehicle. Schedule an estimate today to see what we can do for your ride.

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