What Are the Most Common Types of Auto Body Damage?

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No driver wants to be involved in a collision, whether it’s a serious accident or a fender bender you can drive away from. An accident can be a huge drain on your time and your resources. If you get behind the wheel in California, however, it’s almost inevitable that you will find yourself involved in an auto collision and some point or another.

What are the most common types of auto body damage in Visalia, CA, and what step can you take to avoid them? Read on to find out!


The world is filled with flying objects. Whether it’s a foul ball at a little league game or a careless driver in a parking lot, there’s an untold number of items that may be coming for your car. When they hit hard enough, they’ll leave a small dent. Fortunately for most drivers, a small dent doesn’t typically indicate damage to a vehicle. Even better, if you get your car to a talented auto body shop, the dent can be undone in a short amount of time.

Paint scratches

Of the most common types of auto body damage in Visalia, CA, paint scratches take the cake. They can be caused by almost any kind of scrape or run-in. Maybe a runaway grocery cart clips your car. Maybe one of the kids cut too close to your vehicle with their bike. Either way, a paint scratch exposes your car’s material to UV degradation. Scratches can also begin chipping quickly, which means a small scratch can turn into a big eyesore before you know it.

Weather damage

If you’re one of the millions of drivers who parks their car outside, then you’re likely very aware of the effects that weather can have on your vehicle. Hailstorms can leave dents. Rain can leave trace elements of dirt and debris. Sun damage can fade and crack your vehicle’s paint job.

Rear-end collision

Statistically, you are more likely to be involved in a collision where someone hits you from behind than any other type of car accident. Unlike common dents, a rear-end collision can necessitate repairs or replacement of your rear bumper or rear axle.

Front-end collision

Far and away the most damaging type of auto collision, front-end accidents can require extensive reconstruction for your vehicle. Depending on its severity, a front-end collision can even cause an insurance company to declare a car totaled.

Come to Tom’s Body & Paint, Inc.

At Tom’s Body & Paint, Inc., we have more than 40 years of experience handling the most common types of auto body damage in Visalia, CA. We’ve gotten pretty good at repairing the uncommon types, too. Since 1979, we’ve offered comprehensive auto body repair services, plus a massive variety of client-oriented offerings.

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No matter what is wrong with your car, truck or SUV, the odds are good that Tom’s Body & Paint, Inc. can help. Give us a call today to learn more.

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