Tips for Keeping Your Tires Running as Long as You Can

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One of the best ways for you to stay safe in your vehicle is to keep your tires in good condition and to swap them out for new ones when you can tell they’ve gotten worn down. Think of it this way: your tires are all that stand between your vehicle and the road, so it only makes sense that you would want to prioritize keeping them in good condition.

Here are a few suggestions for how to keep your tires lasting a long time in Visalia, CA.

Keep an eye on the tire pressure

Tires will usually lose about a pound per square inch of air pressure each month. However, in colder weather, you can expect the tire to lose air faster—usually a pound per square inch for every 10-degree Fahrenheit drop in temperature. If you’re only checking your pressure when you take your vehicle in for oil changes and tire rotations, you’re going to be running a bit of a risk.

Underinflated tires make it more difficult to handle your vehicle, reduce your gas mileage and lead to faster wear and tear on your tires, as well as potential blowouts. Don’t just rely on your vehicle’s pressure gauge system to tell you when your tires are low on air—keep an eye on the pressure yourself and fill up when necessary.

Avoid overloading

In your door placard should be some information about how much weight your vehicle is able to bear safely. If you overload your vehicle, it could cause your tires to fail.

Rotate regularly

You should regularly rotate your tires to keep even tread wear and to maximize the life of your tires. Plan on rotating your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. For most people, this is about the same amount of mileage you’ll have in between oil changes, so you can plan to have both done at the same time for simplicity’s sake.

Don’t wait too long to replace

We get it—nobody likes having to go to replace their tires. It can be a bit of a chore, and tires can be quite expensive, especially if you’re purchasing four of them at a time. However, if you continue to drive on your tires past their useful life span, you will be endangering yourself and anyone who shares the road with you. If the tire tread depth gets past the wear bar, you absolutely need to get new tires as soon as possible. There’s also the age-old penny trick that you can use to determine the depth of your treads.

Don’t mismatch

Having mismatched tires can make it harder for you to handle your vehicle, and can result in uneven wear and tear on the rest of your tires. You should always buy at least two and put them on the rear of the car, particularly during the winter if conditions are wet and slippery.

These are just a few tips to help make your tires last as long as possible in Visalia, CA. Reach out to Tom’s Body & Paint, Inc. today to learn more.

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