Is There Anything That Can Be Done About Door Dings?

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Walking outside to your car only to find that someone has dinged your paint with their car door, a grocery cart or some other item is one of the last situations you want to encounter. On top of looking bad, door dings can cause rust and other damage down the road if they’re not addressed. This post will teach you the steps to take when you get a door ding in Visalia, CA:

  • Document the ding: As soon as you see the door ding, take a few photos of it with your smartphone. Physical proof of the damage will be needed down the road when you file a claim with your insurance provider.
  • Call the police: Hopefully, the perp will have left a note with his or her contact information. If that’s not the case, you’ll want to file a police report. The police might not investigate the case, but it helps with the insurance claim.
  • File an insurance claim: Paying out of pocket to repair door dings can get expensive and is totally unnecessary since it wasn’t your fault. That’s where your insurance company comes to the rescue with door ding defense in Visalia, CA. Navigating the waters with an insurance company can be tricky, but if you’ve followed the two steps above, you should be okay.
  • Bring it to a pro: From fixing it with a plunger to using a hair dryer, a quick Google search yields tons of possible approaches to DIY dent repair. The truth is, those methods don’t always work. Instead of trying to do it yourself, bring your car to a certified body shop and let them do the work for you.

Benefits of hiring a professional for repairs

One of the smartest steps to take when you get a door ding in Visalia, CA is to consult a pro. Here are a few reasons to bring your vehicle to a specialist instead of trying to remedy the situation on your own:

  • They help with insurance companies: As mentioned above, dealing with insurance companies can be a hassle. Our team at Tom’s Body & Paint, Inc. is happy to work with your insurance provider to make sure they cover the cost of repairs.
  • Prevent further damage: Trying to fix dents by yourself can often lead to larger issues down the road. Having professional repair ensures that those dings will be fixed as soon as possible, and there will be no further evidence of damage.
  • Ensure a job well done: After you pick your car up from our shop, you’ll never be able to tell there was a dent in the first place. On top of removing the ding, we’ll match the paint and have your car looking as good as new.

Let’s hope your car doors never get dinged or dented again, but if they do, be sure to come to Tom’s Body & Paint, Inc. We’re the area’s trusted team when it comes to auto repairs and door ding defense in Visalia, CA!

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