Tips for Preserving Your Car’s Paint Job

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Today’s consumers don’t have the same level of disposable income they once did, so people who purchase a vehicle are more likely to keep driving it for as long as they possibly can. Of course, the longer you own a vehicle, the more likely it is that it’ll experience some cosmetic damage during its use.

The good news is that today’s vehicles are built to last for years, but you do still need to be proactive about protecting your vehicle’s paint, as there are many common hazards you expose your vehicle to every time you take it out of your garage.

Here’s a quick overview of how to protect your car paint in Visalia, CA.

Wax your vehicle regularly

Regularly waxing your vehicle can go a long way toward protecting the paint from damage. Wax adds an extra barrier between the elements and the paint job, so not only does that help you avoid more damage from impact, but it also protects the vehicle from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and against the harsh winter weather.

The general rule is you should wax your vehicle every three months. You can take on this job yourself, or have professionals at a car wash take care of it for you. Always opt for a hand wax over an automated wax, as this will give you the best protection for your vehicle.

Get rid of bird droppings and tree sap

Bird droppings have highly acidic compounds in them, which can damage your paint in a hurry if left unchecked. If you see bird droppings on the surface of your vehicle, you should remove them as soon as possible. You can find special wipes you can keep in your vehicle that are designed to get bird droppings off your car without damaging its paint or finish. Otherwise, you can use a soft cloth and club soda.

Tree sap is another troublesome substance. It might not damage your car’s paint as quickly as bird droppings can, but it can bake into the finish and create some ugly stains. The problem gets worse in particularly hot weather. There are professional products that can get rid of tree sap easily, but usually a soap and hot water mixture will suffice.

Store the vehicle under cover

Whenever possible, keep your car in a garage or other covered structure. This will give you some simple protection from debris and the elements. However, we understand that not all people have this option for their vehicles, in which case you may wish to invest in a car cover. This product will give your car a barrier to shield it from some of the aforementioned debris, and also offer protective padding to keep your car safe from small impacts.

For more information about the options available to you to protect your auto paint in Visalia, CA, we encourage you to contact the team of auto body specialists at Tom’s Body & Paint, Inc. today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about our work.

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