Here’s What a Routine RV Maintenance Schedule Looks Like

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Having your own RV is a gateway to the natural world. It offers memories in a simple container. When it is performing at peak efficiency, a recreational vehicle can provide fun and adventure that’s second to none. It allows you to leave civilization behind… without the hassle and discomfort of totally leaving civilization behind.

Of course, to enjoy all of the benefits of an RV, you have to keep it well maintained. First time RV owners would be wise to adhere to a strict routine of upkeep. Curious about when to get your RV into the shop? Here are some factors to keep in mind when planning your RV repair schedule in Visalia, CA.

Get to know your owner’s manual

When establishing your RV maintenance schedule, the first place to begin your search is the owner’s manual. Consider your RV one of a kind—the preventative maintenance needs of your RV will be determined by its make and model just as much as the methods in which it’s used and the places you take it.

Few people on the planet are as well equipped to anticipate your RV’s specific needs as the people who built it. As a result, the owner’s manual is an invaluable resource. Most owner’s manuals include crucial dates for routine maintenance.

3,000 miles

Just like an average car or truck, your RV requires routine maintenance. Start by ensuring that all of the fluid levels are checked and topped off once every 3,000 miles. Different manufacturers have different guidelines, so it’s best to consult your owner’s manual for specifics.

Keep a written record

Recurring preventative maintenance like oil changes and brake checks should be recorded when they happen so that you can ensure that you’re staying on a regular schedule. A talented RV repair and maintenance shop can also help you keep your dates straight by communicating with you to inform you of the need for regular appointments.

Don’t forget the generator

Don’t forget that your RV repair routine in Visalia, CA should include regular checks of the various components that make up your RV’s inner workings. For example, your generator will require regular oil changes and filter replacements as part of your regular RV maintenance.

Your one-stop RV shop

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