Common Issues with Utility Vehicles

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There are countless situations in which a utility vehicle is a perfect fit for the job at hand. When you need to cross rough terrain or haul considerable amounts, there are few vehicles in the world better equipped to handle the task. Of course, that doesn’t mean that utility vehicles are perfect. Utility vehicle issues in Visalia, CA have been known to arise. Here are some of the most common.

What is a utility vehicle?

Most drivers think of a towering sport utility vehicle like a Jeep when they hear the phrase. In fact, the term “utility vehicle” applies to any of a wide range of vehicles that were built for a specific purpose.

Light utility vehicles push snow off the roads. Armored utility vehicles protect soldiers in combat. All-terrain and utility task vehicles are used for navigating terrain other vehicles can’t reach. And they can be very good fun, too. Unfortunately, issues with utility vehicles in Visalia, CA can quickly turn a fun day into a big problem.

Poor fuel efficiency

Several models of utility vehicles, but most commonly sport utility vehicles, have been criticized for their lack of fuel efficiency. Though some carmakers have made great strides in the quest for fuel efficiency, there are still several brands on the market producing vehicles that get less than 20 miles to the gallon.

Safety concerns

A cautious driver of a utility vehicle would likely tell you that any vehicle can be unsafe in the wrong hands. They would be right, of course, but utility vehicles can add an extra layer of danger if operated incorrectly:

  • The top-heavy build of some utility vehicles makes them prone to rollovers.
  • Since a lot of utility vehicles weigh more than their counterparts, they can be slower to stop when the brakes are applied.
  • Sport utility vehicles, in particular, reduce visibility, which presents a risk to other drivers on the road.

Those are just a handful of the issues that have been levied at utility vehicles in every sector.

Increasing recall problems

In the past several years, the number of recalls involving utility vehicles has been on the rise. Over the last decade, a total of 92 recalls were issued regarding utility vehicles. Nearly half of those recalls concerned fuel-related fire hazards (a leaky fuel filter, for example), steering problems (i.e., the failure of the power steering) and throttle-related issues (like being unable to shift the car back into idle).

As utility vehicles become more popular, the number of issues related to them is bound to continue to rise.

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