RV Maintenance Tips Before Your Next Trip

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Going on a road trip in your RV is a great way to see the country while reconnecting with your friends and family. However, piling into the RV and hitting the road without first performing some routine RV maintenance in Visalia, CA is sure to end in frustration. This post will teach you a few of the things you need to do before heading out on your next RV adventure:

  • Change oil and filters: Just like with your car, your RV needs to have its oil and filters changed every few thousand miles. Neglecting to change these can harm the engine and rob your RV of performance. The frequency of the change depends on the model you own, but most RVs need a change every 3,000 miles or so.
  • Replace all other filters: While you’re at it, you might as well change all of the other filters in your RV. Air, fuel, coolant and hydraulic filters are all essential aspects of your RV, and letting them sit for too long can result in thousands of dollars in damage.
  • Inspect the roof: Water and hail damage to RV roofs isn’t uncommon, and they’re a pain to deal with! Fixing the cosmetic damage is expensive on its own, but you may also have to worry about repairing leaks as a result of the roof problems. When you’re maintaining your RV in Visalia, CA, don’t forget to hop up on the roof and look for any signs of damage.
  • Service the generator: Without a properly working generator, an RV isn’t much more than a glorified car. Check your owner’s manual to see how often the oil and oil filter needs to be changed in your generator, and remember to run the generator once in a while when your RV is in storage.
  • Check the brakes: Your brakes are just as important for your RV as they are for your car. Before you head out, check to make sure that they’re responsive to the brake pedal and that the pads aren’t too worn down. It’s not a bad idea to have a mechanic check your brakes for you, as he knows what to look for when it comes to brake problems.
  • Take care of the sewage system: Riding around in an RV with sewage issues can quickly ruin your family road trip! Be sure that your sewage system is in good working order before you hit the road.
  • See an expert: The best way to ensure your road trip goes off without a hitch is to consult a professional before you head out! Expert RV maintenance in Visalia, CA helps ensure that all aspects of your vehicle are running to the best of their ability. From the brakes to the engine, everything will be in tip-top shape.

When it comes to repairing and maintaining your RV in Visalia, CA, nobody beats our team at Tom’s Body & Paint, Inc. We have years of experience working with RVs of all makes, models and sizes, so you can rest easy knowing that there’s nothing we can’t handle.

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