Five Tips for Preventing Rock Chips When on the Highway

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Whether you own a used or brand-new vehicle, it’s annoying to find a chip, scratch or ding in the glass or body. These kinds of minor damage can happen whether you’re parked or in motion, but luckily they’re pretty easy to fix. You’re at the mercy of the open roads—and the debris that gets kicked up—but there are simple things you can do to protect your vehicle’s windows and paint from damage. Some of our suggestions relate to maintenance, while others are more common sense than anything else.

Here are five tips for preventing rock chips in Visalia, CA when driving on the highway:

  • Pay attention to wheel count: Chances are, you’ve been behind a passenger car that’s kicked a rock your way. These cars have four tires: two in the front, two in the back. Now imagine the rock damage a vehicle with four rear tires can cause. If you are next to or following a vehicle with more than two rear tires, try to move to a different lane.
  • Be aware of mud flaps: Mud flaps are typically seen on vehicles with larger wheels, like big rigs and garbage trucks. It’s often a requirement for these vehicles to have them, because large wheels throw more rocks, and they fly further and with much greater force than a daily driver. However, it’s important to note that mud flaps are not a guarantee of protection from flying debris. Try to stay away from vehicles with mud flaps, because the rocks they toss can break your windshield.
  • Maintain a safe distance: Not only is tailgating dangerous and unnecessary, it can also be hazardous to windshields. When you tailgate, more rocks are likely to hit and chip your glass. Leaving a larger space between your car and the vehicle in front of you allows rocks extra time to fall back down to the road, never reaching your glass.
  • Use common sense: Another thing you can do to avoid rock chips is just use common sense while driving. Simply look around for anything that could crack your windshield or otherwise damage your vehicle. For instance, if you’re coming up on a semi truck that’s pulling back into traffic from a gravel road, move way over to avoid it. Then there’s the problem of new asphalt—it needs time to set, and it’s common to see some pieces of asphalt material scattered along the road. In this case, slow down to allow extra space between you and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Seek repairs immediately: You could follow all the aforementioned tips and more and still get a rock chip or crack in your windshield. If you do, take it in to get repaired as soon as possible. A small fix now can save you the cost of a whole shiny new windshield down the way.

Even though you know how to avoid rock chips to your windows and paint when driving, windshield damage still remains a very real possibility. Contact Tom’s Body & Paint, Inc. in Visalia, CA for all your auto body repair needs!

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