Why You Should Repair Any Vehicle Damage Right Away

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As a car owner, you’re probably familiar with scratches, dents and dings on your vehicle’s exterior. But should you have these minor blemishes checked out? Here are a few good reasons to take your car to an auto body shop in Visalia, CA to repair dents right away:

  • Avoid rust issues: Dents can transform your car into a dumpy eyesore, but visual blemishes are not the biggest problem with the majority of dents—it’s the damage they can cause to the paint job and surface coating. Impacts cause dents, and dents cause cracks that can actually split the paint. These cracks allow water to seep underneath the car’s paint and clear coat, where it settles on the unprotected metal. The water oxidizes the metal, and the oxidized metal causes rust spots. It’s important to note that even small dents can rust a car, so fix these issues before they have the chance to get worse.
  • Prevent paint damage: We just talked about dents creating cracks in car paint. Now, let’s discuss the long-term damage to paint. When you ignore auto body paint damage associated with a dent, you are only making matters worse. Consider the fact that your car is exposed to all sorts of weather conditions, everyday wear and tear, regular washing and more, all of which can cause the cracks to grow larger over time. When paint flaking and peeling leaves metal parts exposed to the elements, they will start to rust.
  • Spend less on repairs: Like some other types of auto repairs, fixing a dent in a car as soon as possible will cost less than waiting to see if it gets bigger or worse. Just fix it now, because it doesn’t take long for rust spots to appear or paint to begin flaking off. Heed this warning especially if you live in an area with lots of salt in the air (like along the coast) or crazy weather to stop the damage from spreading.
  • Keep its resale value: Your vehicle may run great, but you might have a more difficult time selling it if the exterior is all dented up. Unrepaired dents, even small ones, will lower the value of your vehicle; add in paint damage and rust spots and the car’s value drops even more. Fix those dents to fetch a better price.
  • Safety first: While there are many good reasons to keep up on car maintenance, safety is number one. And believe it or not, even the smallest dent or ding can have structural damage hiding behind it. A good example of this is a modern-day flexible bumper cover with a plastic outer coating. It’s designed to minimize damage in low-speed collisions, but an accident like this can do much worse damage to the inside than what appears on the surface, while some bumper collisions could bend the underlying metal. Hidden damage within your vehicle can compromise your safety.

If you need car repairs, be sure to go to an auto body shop in Visalia, CA that you can trust, like Tom’s Body & Paint Inc. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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