How Dent Removal Scams Work

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Trying to work with your insurance company to have the necessary repairs completed for unsightly auto body damage can at times be a frustrating process. In fact, it can be so frustrating that innocent customers who want the work done as quickly as possible can wind up falling for dent removal scams instead of taking their car to a licensed auto body shop in Visalia, CA. Unfortunately, getting tricked into one of these scams rarely works out well in the end, which is why your local auto body shop is here to tell you a little bit more about how these scams work and how you can avoid falling prey.

The scam

Dent repair scams are most commonly attempted in parking lots. While unsuspecting customers are inside the store, scammers prowl the parking lot looking for cars with damage so that they can try to make a quick buck. They will approach you with some type of story as to why they are offering their services in the parking lot—perhaps that they are starting their own business and want to build up their clientele, for example.

Sadly, the quality of the work these dishonest individuals do could leave your car worse off than it was before they started. Instead of using an actual dent filler, some of these scammers have been known to use a wax that could damage your car’s finish, and will take a lot of effort to remove. Stay alert, as these scammers have also branched out into neighborhoods, going door to door deceitfully attempting to solicit business.

Spotting the scam

If you have been getting quotes for the body work your car needs and the price you are offered on the spot is significantly lower than you’ve come to expect, this should be the first signal alerting you that something suspicious is going on. Because the main objective of these individuals is to get your money and get away before you realize that you have been scammed, they will also be very adamant about accepting cash only.

There are many legitimate auto body businesses that offer mobile services and will come to you to repair your car. The difference, however, is that there will be some type of footprint to verify the existence of the company. In addition to a website and real addresses and phone numbers, these companies will also be able to provide proof of certification and licensing. Any hesitation about providing any of this information should be regarded as a red flag.

If an on-the-spot deal seems too good to be true, that’s because it probably is. Our team at Tom’s Body & Paint, Inc., on the other hand, has spent the last four decades building our reputation in the community as one of the most reliable and trustworthy full-service auto body shops in Visalia, CA. Our trained collision specialists are ready to get to work removing the dents in your car safely and dependably—make sure you give us a call today to schedule your appointment!

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