Auto Repair Gimmicks You Should Never Fall For

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Our cars are very important parts of our lives, but sometimes we don’t know any better when it comes to mechanical issues. We rely on mechanics and auto body shops in Visalia, CA to help us out, and that can sometimes be a problem. When something breaks or goes wrong with your car, it can be a situation fraught with worry. Sometimes exploitative mechanics will take advantage of your concerns and upsell you when it comes to regular maintenance. Here are some of the ways to avoid unnecessary and expensive auto repairs:

  • Oil too early: Getting your oil changed regularly is an important part of car maintenance. However, modern cars don’t require them very frequently. Some newer cars can go for more than 15,000 miles on synthetic oil, depending on the type of driving being done. Check your owner’s manual to see when the manufacturer recommends getting your oil changed. Then, match that up with what your mechanic is saying. Premature oil changes are a waste and don’t improve car performance.
  • No issues with air filters: A car’s air filter doesn’t need to be replaced at regular intervals. It should only be changed when it’s clogged up with dirt or grime. A good mechanic will do a quick and easy visual inspection of the air filter, and this shouldn’t cost a thing. If a mechanic tells you it’s time for a replacement, ask to see the filter. A good auto body shop in Visalia, CA will show it to you and point out the dirt and grime clogging it.
  • Tired of tires: A flat tire is the bane of most drivers. Most of the time, these are caused by a sharp object puncturing the tire. While the image brings to mind tires popping or being irreparable, most modern tires are much more durable than that. Most flat tires can now be repaired and don’t require replacement with brand-new tires. Always ask about getting the flat patched and how bad the damage is before agreeing to buy brand-new tires. An exception is if your tires are very old, and in this case, it may be time to get new tires.
  • Ask questions: Auto body shops in Visalia, CA charge for labor and for parts. Shops make money by performing the labor, and also mark up the parts. Thanks to smartphones, you can do some quick research on the cost of parts. When you get an estimate, ask for the cost of labor and parts, then compare the parts’ cost to those at other auto parts stores. Good mechanics won’t mind you asking questions and can answer any you might have.

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