How to Keep Things from Scratching Your Auto Paint

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Finding scratches and dings on your vehicle is a part of vehicle ownership, especially if you have a work vehicle or a car you use every day during your commute or while running errands. Scratches and dings can be extremely frustrating, but while they’re usually just unsightly, some scratches and other damage to car paint can lead to costly repairs. Of course, this depends on the severity of the damage and whether it has exposed the metal underneath to moisture and corrosion. The good news is that there are ways to prevent scratches to vehicle paint.

Here’s some information from a car body shop in Visalia, CA about how to prevent getting scratches on your auto paint.

Choose parking spots wisely

One of the simplest ways to prevent scratches to your paint is to avoid parking anywhere that puts your car in a vulnerable position. For starters, decide against pulling into a parking spot next to another vehicle that’s done a poor job of parking. This mostly means parked vehicles that are not lined up properly within their space, but you should also stay away from areas where pedestrians are forced to walk very close to your car. The better choice is to park in a spot in an empty or less occupied area of the parking lot, away from other vehicles, shopping carts and people.

Be aware of trees and bushes

While parking under a large, full tree is good for shading your vehicle during the summertime, you don’t want to be there when a branch comes falling down. Tree branches and bushes that stick out can also scratch car paint. Be aware of nearby trees and bushes when parking anywhere. Also keep an eye on the foliage on your own property, particularly if you park your vehicle outdoors or on the street. To prevent scratches to your vehicle, trim back trees located near your typical parking spots.

Leave adequate space when driving

It’s important to drive defensively every time you get behind the wheel, but you should also be alert to avoid any driving situations that put you physically close to other vehicles and objects in or alongside the road. Scraping against another vehicle or an object while your car is in motion can cause more significant damage than simple surface scratches. The damage can go down through the protective paint layers and into the metal, and may even puncture the body of the vehicle.

Don’t place objects on your vehicle

One of the easiest things vehicle owners can do to protect their cars against scratches is to avoid placing foreign objects anywhere on the car. Keep things off the hood, roof and trunk—this includes beverage cups, food containers, purses, bags, child carriers, etc.—and never sit on your vehicle.

If you’ve found yourself with a scratched-up vehicle and could use a new paint job or touch-up, contact Tom’s Body & Paint, Inc., your go-to car body shop in Visalia, CA. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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