Effective Ways to Remove Hard Water Spots from Your Windshield

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Are you a DIY enthusiast who likes to handle smaller vehicle repair and maintenance needs on your own? If so, maybe you’ve been trying to think of the most effective ways to remove hard water spots from your car’s windshield. Let’s find out what your local auto body shop in Visalia, CA has to say.


White distilled vinegar can do wonders for household cleaning tasks, and this liquid is also a tried and true solution for dealing with hard water stains on auto glass. The reason why vinegar can destroy hard water spots is because it is very acidic. The acidity in white distilled vinegar is capable of attacking deposits left behind on your vehicle’s windshield and window glass from various sources of water and other chemicals.

To use vinegar on your spotted auto glass, fill a clean spray bottle with white distilled vinegar and water. If you need a higher concentration of vinegar, simply adjust the water-to-vinegar ratio. Make your adjustments based on the severity of the hard water spots on your auto glass.


Believe it or not, a mixture of toothpaste and water may be your best chance at removing those pesky windshield water marks, but don’t go easy on the water. The water in your toothpaste and water solution makes the mixture easier to spread on the glass, and you won’t be wasting your toothpaste.

To use, apply the paste mixture to your auto glass and let it sit before cleaning off with plain water. Once you’ve wiped off the toothpaste solution, spray on a traditional glass cleaner, then dry it completely.

Lemon juice

Like white distilled vinegar, lemon juice has helpful acidic properties. Keep in mind that if you do try this method, the best lemon juice to use is from a fresh lemon, not the bottled stuff. Put the fresh squeezed lemon juice in a spray bottle and apply it to your windshield. You can also just cut a lemon in half, remove the seeds and rub it onto the glass directly.

Essential oils

With the ever-growing popularity of essential oil use, it’s high time vehicle owners learned the benefits of these oils for DIY car maintenance. To combat nasty hard water spots and buildup on auto glass, get your hands on some lemon or orange essential oils and get to work. Shake the bottle and place a few drops of the oil in water. Apply the solution to the problem area using a sponge or soft towel, let it soak for a bit, then remove it with a traditional glass cleaner. When done correctly, essential oils can prevent further water deposit marks from appearing on your glass.

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