The Types of Liquids That Can Destroy Auto Body Paint

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Whether your car still has its original body paint from the manufacturer or you have invested in a custom paint job from an auto body shop in Visalia, CA, you want to keep your paint in the best condition possible. Unfortunately, lots of vandals target cars and use various tools and products to strip paint and damage auto bodies. Understanding a few of these destructive products and methods can help you know what to do if your car is damaged.

Liquids that inflict body damage

There are a variety of different liquid substances that are used to cause discoloration and paint damage on cars. One of the most common substances that’s used to destroy auto paint is shaving cream. Shaving cream causes permanent paint discoloration, which becomes worse the longer it’s left on the car. If you find shaving cream on your car after a “prank,” it’s important to wash it off as quickly as possible to minimize damage. Shoe polish causes similar damage to auto paint.

Silly string and mustard are also commonly used by vandals who want to cause permanent damage to a car’s paint. These substances can actually strip away a car’s paint if they’re left on too long. Brake fluid and paint stripper are also damaging substances used by car vandals. These substances strip away paint down to the bare metal and can usually only be repaired with complete paint removal and repainting from an auto body shop in Visalia, CA.

Aside from using liquids and chemical substances to discolor and strip away auto body paint, many vandals use other items to cause damage to a car’s body. People often use keys, razors, screwdrivers and other pointed objects to dig long lines into a car’s paint. This can not only damage auto paint, but also leave impressions in the frame of the car itself.

Dealing with body damage

Regardless of how your car was vandalized, it’s important to take the right steps to repair the damage and prevent future vandalism. Wash your car off immediately and take photographs of the damage. Report the vandalism to the police as soon as possible to ensure that they have as much information as possible to help them find the individuals who are responsible for the damage. You can also consider installing a security camera on your property so that you can see when someone is vandalizing your vehicle.

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