How to Keep Your Car’s Paint Safe Under the Sun

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Over time, ultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause damage to your car’s paint. It’s true that cars, trucks, SUVs and other motor vehicles are built to hold up well in the elements, but there are still some steps you can take to help your auto body paint last as long as possible. So, how can you go about keeping your car’s paint safe from the damaging effects of the sun? Here are some tips from a professional auto body shop in Visalia, CA:

  • Park your car away out of direct sunlight: The easiest way to protect your car’s paint job from the hot sun is to park it in the shade as often as possible. Inside a garage or under a carport is best for hiding your vehicle from harsh sunlight. Another option is to seek out the shadiest spot you can, then use a quality car cover for extra protection. Avoiding direct sunlight during the hot summer is especially important, but don’t think that the sun can’t damage car paint just because it’s fall or winter.
  • Choose parking spots wisely: In your attempt to park away from the sun, also be sure to assess your surroundings. For instance, let’s say you park underneath a big bushy tree to shield your car from the sun. The tree may block out a lot of sunlight, but it also might result in things like leaves, twigs, berries or bird droppings covering your car. All these things and more can damage paint. Another concern is parking too close to construction sites, parks or athletic fields. Flying debris or objects can create all sorts of damage to vehicle paint.
  • Wash your car often: Washing your car removes pollutants, dirt, dust, dead bugs and grime that could leave small scratches and dull the paint finish. Ideally, you want to wash your car by hand using a soft cotton cloth, clean water and a cleaning product specifically formulated for automotive maintenance. Clean your car out of direct sunlight, if possible.
  • Dry a washed car thoroughly: The heat from the sun can crack and peel paint. To prevent this, make sure you clean your car frequently and dry the exterior thoroughly after a wash, whether you wash it by hand or go through an automatic car wash. Taking a cotton cloth to wet spots is a simple way to protect your paint from minerals left behind by water evaporation.
  • Wax your car: Waxing your car is the most effective way to keep your car’s paint looking like new. Acting as a barrier layer between the finish and sunlight, car wax protects against pollutants while also combating the sun’s UV rays. Wax also keeps dirt and grime from sticking to painted surfaces.

Treat the exterior of your vehicle like you do the interior and under the hood, and with regular care and maintenance, your car can run great for years. If you are in need of services from a reputable auto body shop in Visalia, CA, look no further than the experienced team at Tom’s Body and Paint, Inc. Call us to schedule an appointment today!

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