Caring for Your Car’s New Paint After a Repair

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One of the first things that a collision destroys on your vehicle is its paint job. Even the smallest collision can wreak havoc on your car’s paint. When you take your car in to an auto body shop in Visalia, CA following a collision, they’ll carefully repaint any damaged sections of your vehicle. Following the repainting process, however, it’s extremely important to treat your car with caution so as to prevent discoloration and to keep your new paint looking as good as possible.

While each type of vehicle paint is slightly different, and the application methods used will likely vary from shop to shop and ultimately depend on the make of the vehicle and the extent of the damage, there are a few general rules of thumb that you can use to improve the final outcome of your damaged paint.

Here are just a few steps that you can take to safeguard your car’s new paint job, and keep your vehicle looking great:

  • Check for flaws immediately: As soon as you leave the auto body shop, park your vehicle in an area with full sun and give the freshly painted sections of your car a thorough looking over. Check for any irregularities in the paint, including any dust or hairs that appear to be trapped under the new coat of paint.
  • Take extra care for at least 30 days: For 30 to 60 days after repainting your vehicle, exercise extra caution when driving and parking it. Try to avoid parking in full sun for prolonged periods of time, and take care not to scrap away at the fresh paint. While it will be completely dried from the moment you pick it up, it’s always a good idea to be extra careful.
  • Avoid dusty roads: While dirt and grime are an unavoidable part of driving, try your best to avoid unnecessarily dusty streets, like gravel roads and construction zones. The paint on your car may still be slightly tacky; lots of dust exposure may result in some of the dust sticking to the fresh paint job.
  • Exercise caution when chipping ice: It’s necessary to chip ice away from your windows and windshield during the winter months. However, your fresh paint may be extra susceptible to chipping. While you’re scraping ice off your auto glass, be extra careful to avoid chipping your paint.
  • Remove bugs and other detritus: Bugs splattered to the front of your car should be removed for a number of reasons (including the fact that they’re simply gross). Additionally, the high acidity of many insects means that splattered bugs, as well as many other kinds of road debris, can slowly eat away at the integrity of your paint.

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