Tips for Preventing Spider Cracks from Opening Up

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The glass on your vehicle is susceptible to all sorts of dangers. Collisions, hail, rocks and flying debris can all hit your windshield and cause severe damage that makes driving difficult. While chips are easily filled in, spider cracks are worthy of more concern.

Cracks in your windshield reduce the structural integrity of your car and can limit your visibility, especially if they begin to expand and spread. Temperature changes and pressure can make a minor crack grow across your entire windshield in a matter of days if you don’t pay attention and stop it from spreading.

There are a few tricks you can try to prevent a crack from growing, but your best bet is to take your car in for auto body repair in Visalia, CA. Even still, these tips might help you prevent additional damage while you wait for your appointment.

Before you begin, remember that you shouldn’t attempt to stop cracks if they are longer than 12 inches. These cracks cannot be repaired and you will likely need to get your windshield replaced.

Keep debris out

The main concern with a spider-like crack is water and debris that can get into the crack and widen it. There are a few ways you can help keep debris out using store-bought products or supplies from home.

The most reliable tip is to use a DIY windshield repair kit. These kits come with a special resin that will fill the crack and protect it from accumulating water, dirt and other debris.

If you are in a pinch or just need to buy some extra time before a repair appointment, you can also try using super glue. Putting this strong glue inside the crack will help hold it together long enough for you to see a professional.

Are you in even more of a pinch? Try applying clear nail polish inside and on the top of the crack. Some people claim they’ve had luck with this cheap and easy alternative.

If nothing else, make sure the crack is clean of dirt, then apply a piece of clear tape over it. Packing tape or another strong tape will work best, but this is only a very temporary solution.

Avoid pressure

Temperature and pressure changes will also force the crack in your windshield to expand. Direct sunlight and heat will have an effect on the windshield, causing it to expand and contract and worsening the cracks. Park in the shade to minimize the heat your windshield is exposed to.

Additionally, park in covered areas so snow, ice, heavy rain and hail cannot hit the glass. The extra pressure from the elements can cause a crack to spread and may even shatter the windshield.

Drive safely

Your windshield contributes a surprising amount of strength to your car overall, helping it remain intact in the event of a crash or rollover. When the windshield has a crack, this strength is lowered, and the windshield is far more susceptible to additional cracks.

When driving with a spider crack, be very careful to avoid collision, as well as driving during hailstorms or on roads with loose gravel or rock that can hit your glass. Just a few minor impacts can lead to a larger spider crack.

Have it repaired

For most larger cracks, preventing them from spreading will only work for so long. It’s ultimately easier and safer for you to have the windshield repaired or replaced by an experienced professional who will know more about the structure of the glass.

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