What Exactly Is the New Pre- and Post-Repair Scan for Vehicles?

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It’s no secret that cars have become increasingly complex over the past decade. New levels of computerization and enhanced technological developments have sidelined many of the older methods of vehicle repair, and replaced them with technically complex operations that require extensive amounts of dedicated machinery. Now more than ever, it’s important that you seek out professional and qualified assistance with your needs associated with auto body repair in Visalia, CA.

When a modern car is damaged in an accident, a number of things can go wrong with its onboard computerized systems. While repairing auto body damage used to consist solely of mechanical operations, today’s mechanics must also use a wide range of computerized machines to update the software and firmware in your vehicle.

Engine control modules

Modern cars operate with the help of engine control modules (ECMs) that run a wide range of computerized operations, including cruise control, lane change assistance, back-up cameras, collision avoidance systems, vehicle stabilizing systems and self-parking. When your car has suffered from a collision, its ECM may have become damaged.

Both before and after you receive auto body repair in Visalia, CA, your auto body specialist should take a close and careful look at your car’s ECM to ensure that it is still operating as intended.


Pre-scans of your car’s ECM occur after your collision, but before your auto body specialist has repaired your vehicle. By scanning and analyzing your car’s computer system prior to repairing your vehicle, the technician will be able to identify any operations controlled by your ECM that are not functioning correctly.

ECMs store error codes that can be read by qualified technicians who are equipped with the proper computerized gear. By scanning your car’s ECM prior to beginning repairs, the technician will be able to identify any additional parts of your vehicle that may need to be repaired or replaced.


After your car has been serviced, your auto body technician will also perform a post-scan of your car’s ECM. This will ensure that all of the error codes it was issuing are cleared out of the computer system, and double check that all of the repairs were performed correctly.

Working with an auto body shop that performs post-scans can leave you with extra peace of mind.

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Because we also offer auto paint services, you can rely on Tom’s Body and Paint, Inc. to leave your car looking as good as new! If you have recently been involved in an automotive collision, you should reach out to us to learn more about our extensive range of auto body services and competitive pricing structure. We look forward to helping you drive away in a great-looking, reliable vehicle!

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