Avoid Getting These Liquids on Your Car’s Paint

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If you’re a diligent car owner, you try to keep your car clean at all times. At the very least, you wash it off when it gets dirty, and you may take it to the car wash every couple of weeks to get it detailed. All of that dirt and grime from the road makes your car look crummy, and can also end up hurting your paint.

While dirt and dust are bad, there are some liquids that are much worse for your vehicle’s paint. Avoid the following materials and liquids at all costs:

  • Vehicle liquids: Gas, oil and other vehicle liquids are easy to spill or splash onto your car, especially if you do a lot of vehicle maintenance by yourself. But be careful and avoid getting vehicle liquids on your car at all costs. Coolant and brake fluid will soften the paint, which won’t cause any immediate damage, but it could down the road. Softer paint is easier to chip, so even the smallest debris can make your paint look terrible. Gasoline can strip your paint rather easily; it can make any shiny new coat look old and faded. Keep a rag handy and wipe up any vehicle fluid as soon as possible.
  • Egg: Egging someone’s house or car is a classic teenage “prank.” Though it seems harmless at first, eggs are actually awful for a vehicle’s paint. The yolk and egg whites are both corrosive materials. On top of that, the shell can also scratch the paint. Clean the egg up as soon as possible with soap and water. Waiting too long will necessitate a trip to a car body shop in Visalia, CA to have your vehicle repainted.
  • Shaving cream: Putting shaving cream on someone’s car is another common prank. Again, it might seem harmless, but the chemicals in shaving cream have serious effects on car paint. Thankfully, the negative effects are minimal if the shaving cream is cleaned up when it’s still in foam form. Wiping the area down with a wet rag should do the trick to clean up the mess. If you’re not fortunate enough to clean it up in time, you’ll need to have the paint touched up by a professional.
  • Acetone: The chemicals in acetone will eat away at your paint job faster than any other liquid. In fact, an acetone spill can strip your car’s paint down to the base in a matter of hours if it’s left to sit there. Clean up any acetone with soap and water as fast as you can. The soapy water can counteract the acetone’s effects, making the damage hardly noticeable. If you’re not able to remove the acetone in time, you’ll need to have the area repainted by one of our pros.

If any of these liquids finds its way onto your car’s paint, get in touch with Toms Body & Paint, Inc. or bring your vehicle in to our car body shop in Visalia, CA as soon as possible. The faster we can treat your paint, the greater the chance we can get your vehicle back to normal!

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