Working with Your Insurance Company During Collision Repair in Visalia, CA

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Other than during initial signup, many people don’t get another good look at their insurance policy until it is too late—at the time of an accident. The world of insurance policies and collision repair in Visalia, CA can be confusing, so here are a couple of things it is good to know before you actually need repairs.

Know your rights

Although your insurance company will play a central role in taking care of your car and any other cars that might be involved if you are at fault in an accident, it is important to know that you do still have the right to make your own decisions. For example, insurance companies will provide you with their preferred list of collision repair shops. Their preferred list is compiled of shops that they have pre-negotiated rates with, and they might not necessarily be the most convenient or cost-effective for you. Don’t be afraid to shop around until you find the shop that you feel most comfortable leaving your car with, even if it is not on the list that you were given by your insurer.

The same applies to any parts that your car might need for repairs, although you might not always be in the position to make the decision between OEM parts or non-manufacturer parts yourself. To encourage you to use the cheaper non-manufacturer parts and stay in network with your repairs, the insurance company might offer a warranty on these parts. While this is definitely a nice feature to have, if you elect to go through a shop that offers a warranty on their work, this additional warranty wouldn’t be a necessity.

Do your own research

If you do decide that you want to look for your own shop instead of one that your insurer has provided, it is vital that you do your due diligence before settling on the shop you want. Shop around and inquire with different shops about the general costs for the scope of your work, and gather a list of multiple estimates and quotes. You can also check your prospective shop’s standing by visiting different review sites, the Better Business Bureau or checking with individuals you might know who have used this shop before. When you are getting your car fixed, one of your most valuable assets is the amount of knowledge you reinforce yourself with, so make sure to do enough research so that you are confident in your decision.

Insurance companies certainly aren’t the bad guys, because they are the ones that ultimately have to do what it takes to make sure your car gets fixed. Their options are limited, though, and they might not always be what’s best for you. It won’t hurt to do your own research, both on your insurance policy and with different auto body shops, so that you feel as confident as possible if you ever need to get work done.

At Tom’s Body & Paint, Inc., we have been working with insurance companies of all kinds for nearly four decades, so if you need collision repair in Visalia, CA that you can trust, contact us right away. We will get you back on the road safely as quickly as possible!

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