What Types of Environmentally Safe Auto Paints Are There?

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Over the past decade, technological advances have allowed for the manufacturing of vehicles that are nowhere near as bad for the environment as their predecessors. Gasoline-operated vehicles are now hyper-efficient, and hybrid and electric car technology is now fully within the mainstream. Customizing your eco-aware vehicle, however, can still present the conscious consumer with a challenging question: is it possible to utilize environmentally safe auto paint?

Traditional, solvent-based auto paint contains a number of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as ammonia and formaldehyde. The process of spray painting the solvent-based paints onto a vehicle releases these toxic compounds into the air. VOCs reduce overall air quality, and cause respiratory damage to those who are exposed to them for extended periods of time.

Thankfully, your auto body shop in Visalia, CA is now beginning to specialize in serving customers with car paints that are as easy on the environment as they are on the eyes. A growing number of auto body shops are beginning to employ the use of water-based automotive paints. These solutions are easier on the environment than their traditional solvent-based counterparts, and have a number of other important benefits to consider:

  • Cleaner and brighter: One surprising benefit of water-based automotive paints is that they are actually cleaner and brighter in appearance than their solvent-based predecessors. Today’s auto paints are now able to present a more vibrant look than the toxic paints of yesteryear.
  • Fewer clear coats: The water-based paints currently being used by your auto body shop in Visalia, CA are unique in another aspect: they are substantially thinner than solvent-based paints, meaning that they require fewer layers of clear coat to even out a job before applying another coat of paint for striped or multihued detailing jobs.
  • Newer technology: The new technology employed in water-based paints means that they are more efficient, last longer and will continue to develop into a better product faster than their antiquated solvent-based counterparts. Paint companies are now investing more and more time and money into developing their water-based product lines.
  • Better for staff members: Staff at an auto body shop in Visalia, CA can now breathe a little bit easier. Water-based paints are substantially safer for the lungs than solvent-based paints, meaning that staff members can be exposed for longer durations and accomplish paint jobs more quickly.
  • Healthier for the environment: Finally, and perhaps most importantly, water-based paints are substantially easier on the environment. Elevated concentrations of VOCs can remain in the air for extended periods of time after a paint job has been completed, lowering overall air quality.

Just like with solvent-based paints, waterborne automotive paints are applied using a pressurized spray gun. Additionally, urethane clear topcoats are still compatible with water-based paints.

Since 1979, Tom’s Body & Paint, Inc. has been the premier full-service auto body shop in Visalia, CA. We pride ourselves in our commitment to deliver safe, high-quality services that meet a wide variety of needs. To learn more about our eco-friendly paints and other auto finishing supplies, contact one of our helpful and professional representatives today!

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