Liability Coverage vs. Max Coverage: Are They the Same?

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We all have to have vehicle insurance, but getting it isn’t always a very transparent process. There are so many choices when it comes to what type of coverage to get, and what company to get it from, that sometimes understanding your options is difficult.

For example, what’s the difference between having “full coverage” and “liability only coverage?” Let’s take a closer look. And remember, good insurance can help you pay for top-notch car repairs if you need them, so give Tom’s Body & Paint, Inc. a call when you want to work with the best car body shop in Visalia, CA!

Defining the terms

Auto insurance policies are divided into two categories: comprehensive and liability. Almost every area you might live in requires liability coverage, because this is the portion of insurance that will compensate other drivers if you cause an accident. Comprehensive coverage is a little more subjective, because you have some options about how much you want to pay to have covered.

Full coverage means that you are covered not just for liability, but also for other expenses that may be incurred in the case of damage to your car. Even getting a small car part replaced can be surprisingly expensive, so having an insurance policy that will cover that cost can be an invaluable investment.

That being said, full coverage is a little misleading, just in the sense that you will need to pay some out-of-pocket expenses before the insurance coverage kicks in. This payment you contribute is called the deductible. Common levels of deduction range from $250 to $1,000, although your insurance company will be able to tell you what its deductible options are.

The benefits of full coverage

Full coverage does cost more, but the rewards are often worth that extra payment. There are a lot of issues that can come up in our daily lives that we don’t even consider. For example, what if you damage someone’s property, but not their car? What if you get in an accident and need to get physical therapy? What if the other driver has physical injuries? Without good insurance, you could be paying thousands and thousands of dollars out of pocket—something that most of us would have a very hard time doing—and if you need to replace your car, that can cost a lot, as well.

The decision depends on your needs

At the end of the day, it’s up to you. Do you want to just make sure you don’t pay a ton if you hit someone else? Or, do you want the benefits of extra coverage? Whatever you decide, talk it over with a reputable insurance agent so you’re fully aware of your options and coverage.

All that being said, Tom’s Body & Paint, Inc. can help allay some of your fears about outrageously expensive car repairs! We have fair prices, expert knowledge of all types of vehicles and top customer service. So whether you have full coverage or liability coverage, we’re ready to offer you good repairs at fair prices. Get in touch today if you’re looking for a great car body shop in Visalia, CA!

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